Property Valuation

Determining Property Values

Accurately formulating a property’s value is a time consuming and laborious process. In addition, the risk taken can be great, as a miscalculated valuation can lead to losses for the parties involved.Our vast experience in the market has allowed us to keep on top of pricing trends and has given us the ability to accurately value a number of different properties with pinpoint accuracy. A combination of market reports, instinct, foresight and databases means that 4Direction can give exact details on various different properties.

Our valuation services span the following:
  • Land valuations
  • Residential property valuations
  • Commercial property valuations
  • Hotels and resorts valuations
  • Industrial property valuations
  • Mixed-use development valuations
  • Under-construction building valuations
  • Shopping mall valuations
  • Educational institutions valuations
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities valuation
  • Sports and entertainment venue valuations
  • Warehouse valuations
  • Labour camp valuations

Our real estate valuation services include mortgage valuations for banks and other financial institutions. We are actively handling a large volume of this business very efficiently for many of the major financial institutions in UAE and Saudi Arabia, which is testament to our success in the market.