Property Development

Developing a project from conception to execution is an area that 4 Direction specializes in. 
Having such a multi-skilled team has laid the foundation for us to implement various projects in Dubai and greater region with ease.
As a property developer, our job is to not only envision the idea but to put it in motion. This is done through various processes, which include:
  • Conceptualizing the project
  • Refining the idea
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Contract negotiation and arbitration
  • Making formal commitments to contractors, clients and investors
  • Constructing the project
  • Overseeing transactions and development
  • Marketing the development
  • Maintaining and managing the new project
Upon agreement of the project, our vast network of talented individuals allows us to fully develop the properties to give them life. 
We utilize strong bonds with our partners to assess, finance and construct lasting properties that stand the test of time.
Legal issues are taken care of by 4 Direction, in addition to many other parameters. 
Having been in the market for so long has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best entities in their respective fields, 
ensuring that no stone goes upturned when delivering value and polished results to our clients.