Marketing Management

Having the perfect property or unit is not the only factor that determines the success of its sale or rental. Adequate exposure using the correct channels and avenues are key for emulating successes in the market.  Customers frequently need to have more than one method of exposure in order to be persuaded into approaching a new unit or home. Therefore, 4 Direction implements a wide range of marketing tools to achieve this.First and foremost is our dedicated and highly trained team of customer service agents, managers and advisers. Our staff works with all of our customers on a personal level to plan specific, targeted campaigns across a wide range of mediums. This includes both traditional methods such as print ads and non-traditional methods such as social media marketing.  We also directly list properties on our channels, with our team visiting the site of your property to determine the best course of moving forward with it.

A list of our key marketing services is below:

  • Major website presence with strong SEO and property listing
  • Enhanced customer relationship management
  • Customer service support
  • Direct marketing via Email and SMS
  • Local print media
  • Flyers and property brochures
  • Social media marketing