With a 17 years track record as a Management Professional, Muhammad maintains the position of Real Estate Manager at 4 Direction Real Estate. He has practical knowledge in human resources, office administration, public relations and customer service management. Muhammad is at the forefront of 4 Direction’s operations, and is constantly kept up to date with developments in the industry and the company itself.

Throughout my tenure in the field of administration I have developed a need for success in every position that I have held. With 10 years of Gulf experience, my knowledge of the region is second to none, I have come to fully understand local business practices and have built up a wealth of contacts within my network that is constantly growing. My career has led me to master a variety of areas in business, specifically for real estate; these fields include Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resources, Project Management and Customer Service Management. I believe that having an acute grasp of such sectors has allowed me to effectively manage the position that I am currently in with ease. I believe that education and constant learning should be the core of a person’s being. I therefore gained a Masters Degree in Computer Science and have received numerous certificates in the field of Real Estate. These include: Continuous Education for Real Estate Brokers Phase – RERA Certified Property Management (CPM), Complete Course for Real Estate Property Managers Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB) Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)

My vision is a simple, yet effective way of thinking that I feel should resonate throughout every company that operates in the same field as 4 Direction Real Estate. The simplest explanation of this is to provide a level of service that surpasses the expectation of our clients in every way shape and form. I believe in treating customers with respect and faith, to put them in the drivers seat and have the authority to work together with us as a single entity and not have a “client and agency” style of business. Growth through creativity, invention and innovation is an absolute must with regards to this as being in a constant state of development accompanies this perfectly for both client satisfaction and for our own inner workings. Furthermore, I integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. There is nothing more rewarding than transparency between both company and client and having this as a foundation stone is absolutely key to success.


My way of operating in this business is to have a solid strategy that can be applied to my team and my valued clients. I see myself as a LEADER, not only by title but also by values. To me, the word leader encompasses many different key words: Love, Empathy, Ambition, Discipline, Experience and Respect. It is vital to incorporate each one of these values into the strategy that I undertake. Too many times do people confuse the words “leader” and “boss. A boss is a word that should never be used to describe me, as it does not encapsulate everything that I believe in. Being a LEADER means that I have a responsibility for every single entity in the company, which puts me at the forefront of our every working. At all times I am in a position to lead, within the industry, internally in the company, for our services, relationships and our profitability. Constantly having the notion of leading is key to making 4 Direction a successful player in the marketplace. In addition to this, I firmly believe in the notion of PODC, this stands for Plan, Organize, Direct and Control. It is essential that one must have a solid way of thinking before undertaking any action that has an effect on others. With this in my mind at all times, I can take calculated decisions and plan the outcome with a uncompromised and well thought-out approach.


Director, 4Direction Real Estate

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