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We’ve had hand painted vases in our family since my grand mother was married to my great grandfather and they were famous and valued all over the South-west. Some are quite beautiful and several are functional. When a person gets from style, somebody will take the design and survive just as before in another approach. Nonetheless, until then, a hand painted vase is highly collectible. I myself have many hand-painted ones that I’d like to give away.

A hand-painted vase is able to really mean just about anything, based on the artist, but a stenciled vase usually means some combination of stenciling, screen printing, and computer generated images. The stencil can be applied to mask the object and also use colour. Or maybe it may become more artistic, depending on the stencil layout, as in this hand painted vase I bought recently for.99 at Arts Express in Vancouver. For that price tag, it’s very hard to tell if it’s a stencil and in case it’s hand painted though the price tag tends to make it seem probably that it was indeed a hand-painted vase instead of a low-cost copy of something else.

In essence, a hand-painted vase is more than just a vessel for flowers. It is a testament to the marriage of art and efficiency, a unique expression of creativity, along with a personalized touch which transforms a living room. And so, the next time you gaze upon a hand painted vase, appreciate not just its outward beauty however, the skill, passion, and artistry that went into its development. I hope you are going to come and find some of my hand painted vases at the Art House.

A hand painted vase is a present with a story, as it mirrors the very soul of the artist. It takes determination and time to develop a thing of value, and that’s precisely what is so attractive about Pottery Vases were painted by hand. The vase becomes a thing of beauty in its own right, while still keeping an effective link with its maker. ~ Alysia Butler, Vase Artist Thank you all for the advice of yours, and that is a great price. I have certainly not been in a position to think of someone giving their art away for 15!

Thanks to each of you for sharing the information of yours. Naturally, the intricacy and identity of hand-painted vases come at a price. The price is affected by numerous factors, which includes the artist’s reputation, the supplies being used, and the sophistication of the layout. While you may find more budget-friendly options within the mass-produced market, the expenditure in a hand-painted vase pays off in the type of a truly exceptional and exclusive piece of art.

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