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But he understands why some consumers would like to buy their next car all the way from a new-car dealership. “But they are making an error because it’s not really a wise decision from a financial point of view,” Blanchard claims. Re: Are used automobile prices dropping now? Originally Posted by russm. With vehicles this size, brand new, you will end up having to pay the amount of money straight back at some time.

If you are not in a rush, there’s no indicate spending top dollar up front. If you are prepared to wait for a deal on a brand new vehicle, that can provide great mileage on a car like yours (and better gas mileage than a 4Runner, IMO), you’ll find a whole lot. Most of the times we ask “is new cheaper?” or “what sort of automobile are you wanting?” in a discussion with clients, they either laugh or state “no, but I don’t desire a similar thing as a fresh car, offer me something different.” I think they have to realize which used cars are far more affordable because they do simply take some funds far from producer.

What if they want something particular that a model just isn’t to be had more? There is a shortage of the particular make/model that they want. Or even they want a higher-trim/better vehicle, nonetheless they see the car being priced much lower than a fresh form of a similar thing. There’s a lot of explanations why a manufacturer will will not sell to you. They may be reluctant to supply a discount on a car that’s worth the same and on occasion even less than one with minimal rust, the solution history is not perfect or does not match the description written by the consumer, product sales may be down, or the dealer’s product sales techniques are not healthy.

Agreed. We have done the majority of my buying on eBay but vehicle Guru and Autotrader were good for me additionally. I do believe if you’re looking at a specific model make/model maybe a dealer web site will help you too. My experience is when you are just looking and not using specific make/model. This brings us to our next point: ecommerce. Just what do after all by that? e-commerce web sites are web sites like e-bay, Autotrader, and automobiles.

These websites offer you automobiles directly from the maker. They buy them in bulk directly through the OEM. I have always discovered it strange that the automobile manufacturers prefer to make use of these kind of websites. You need to do your research. Go through the KBB used list. Look at Edmunds. Have a look at Kelley Blue Book. See just what dealers provide the vehicles you’re considering.

Compare prices, check deals. get more info a great feel for the overall game. Check how many dealer incentives you will find and exactly how big they’ve been. The customer drove the vehicle down seriously to Florida then brought it back up to Texas a couple weeks later on. He never made any work to completely clean or fix the vehicle.


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