Downtown Dubai luxury apartment sells for Dh50 million making luxury homes remain in the spotlight

February 28, 2020

Dubai: An apartment in downtown Dubai has been sold by its developer for a significant Dh50 million. Signature Developers’ 118 is a boutique luxury development across from Dubai Mall and a short walk from Address Downtown.

One of only two duplex apartments available, it features six en suite bedrooms and an eight-metre ceiling in the living room. Among the property’s amenities are a 30,000 square foot poolside garden and a deck, chauffeur accommodations, and 24-hour maintenance and concierge services.

“A near record-breaking sale, the luxury property earned its elusive ticket price through award-winning design, exclusive access to a community of prolific residents, palatial interiors, impeccable details, premium services, and an unparalleled, panoramic view of the Downtown area,” said the developer in a statement. “This is in stark contrast to current ‘ultra’ expensive residences that heavily rely on beachfront access and a sea view to justify their asking price.”

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